Algonuin Park - Named Lake Challenge

Most canoers to Algonquin Park are familiar with the fine map made by Jeffrey McMurtrie. If not you should go and visit his site now.

What is not as widely known is that people that befriend Jeffrey sometimes get a currently unnamed lake in Algonquin Park named after them, unofficially. Over the last few years this has grown into a nice collection of out of the way lakes.

And thus the Algonquin Park - Named Lake Challenge, AP-NLC for short, was created.


AP-NLC Rules

1. You have to go to the Named Lake.
2. I have to believe you have been to the Named Lake.
3. You should drink a toast to the person who's lake it is.
     (Toasting with an alcoholic beverage is optional. However, El Dorado rum is recommended.)
4. I make up all the Rules and am the Sole Arbitrator of Disputes.


Further Details

1. The Official List of Named Lakes can be found here.

               AP-NLC Official Named Lakes List

2. The Official List of Contestants can be found here.

               AP-NLC Official Contestants List

3. A visit is considered an Official Visit when any part of your body touches the water of the Named Lake.
4. You must convince me that an Official Visit has taken place. Pictures are good for this. GPS tracks better.
5. Scoring is as follows -
          15 points for visiting a Named Lake.
          10 bonus points for visiting Your Named Lake.
          5 bonus points for canoeing on the Named Lake.


AP-NLC Visit Submission

To enter as a contestant or to submit a visit to a Named Lake go here.

To contact me regarding the Algonquin Park - Named Lake Challenge you may fill out my Contact form.