Algonquin Park Camping and Canoeing

Algonquin Provincial Park is a beautiful 7,630 square kilometers of camping and canoeing experiences.

My trips to Algonquin Park are all back-country related, but there are many other opportunities to experience Algonquin Park year round. These include organized campgrounds, hiking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, spectacular trout fishing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and more!


Trip Logs

For over ten years I have been travelling to Algonquin Park for camping trips ranging from three days to two weeks. I have read the descriptions of countless trips posted by other Algonquin Park canoers, I have even had the chance to meet in person many others who love Algonquin Park.

I now create my own trip logs of my camping in the interior of Algonquin Park. I hope they help you as much as the many trip reports I have read have helped me when planning a canoeing trip to the park.

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Last posted in the Trip Logs, Extreme cold for the Winter 2015 Hot Tent trip.



With a decade of experience visiting the back-country, I have collected a number of resources related to Algonquin Park camping. Some are created by me but the majority are links to maps, information links and web sites about camping, canoeing and the outdoors.

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Canoeing / Camping Articles

I have written a few articles about exploring the outdoors, canoe tripping, camping in the winter and gear choices.

Getting Started with Snowshoeing

Getting Started in Winter Camping

8 Favourite Gear Choices For Backcountry Camping

Beginners Guide to Backcountry Camping in Algonquin


How-To Articles

How to Build a Pulk.

Build a DIY Mega-Pulk.


Algonquin Park - Named Lake Challenge

I have created a small contest related to Jeffrey McMurtrie's Algonquin Adventure map and some newly named lakes. See if you are up to the challenge!

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Algonquin Park Exploration Map

There is no finer map resource than my friend Jeffrey McMurtrie's Canoeing and Exploring Map of Algonquin Provincial Park & The Haliburton Highlands, now at Version 5. You will see it mentioned a lot. Visit his site to view the map online or to get a copy for yourself. You can download it for free or purchase waterproof copies online.

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To obtain an iOS version of the map, download the free map app (Avenza PDF Maps) and search for the Algonquin Park Exploration Map in the store. There is no cost to obtain it.