Building the Sassafras 14 Canoe

Building A Stitch And Glue Canoe

I am not a boat builder by profession. But since January 2008 I have been building a Sassafras 14 lapstitch canoe using plans from Chesapeake Light Craft. The 14 foot plans are no longer available on their web site (only the Sassafras 12 and Sassafras 16 canoes), I used the plans and instructions found in Chris Kulczycki's book - The Canoe Shop.

It has been a long process, involving many "breaks" from building while life interfered. But it has not been difficult, starting with a sheet of plywood and using simple power tools the stitch and glue format makes it rather easy to build. When I get the urge or have some free time I head out to my garage and do a little more work to make a beautiful wooden canoe. The latest goal is to complete the canoe in time for the first trip of a trip in 2012 2013 the near future!




Year Three of Building the Sassafras 14 lapstitch canoe.

  Stay tuned, more pictures and how-to coming!

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